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Every San Diego county DUI checkpoint that is made known to attorney Rick Mueller is posted at his free DUI roadblock location website here.

Last night, as part of the massive DUI crackdown San Diego county Sheriff Bill Gore promised local lawyers, a DUI and Driver’s License Checkpoint was set up in an unusual location – 12500 Scripps Poway Parkway, Poway, California, not far from Lightning Brewery.

August 19 to September 5’s drunk driving crackdown is called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.
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1208 motorists were inconvenienced by this San Diego area DUI checkpoint.

862 were screened for potential DUI/Driver License issues.
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49 were sent to secondary for further inspection.

Just 7 DUI evaluations were done based on unfounded suspicions of 6 of those drivers.

Criminal charges included:

• Only 1 DUI Arrest

• 1 DUI Warrant Arrest

• 2 Suspended License Arrests

• 21 Citations for Drivers License Violations

• 2 Citations were issued for Marijuana

• 1 Citation for opened container

• 21 Vehicles were impounded. (That’s where the local governments make the money!!
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