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Here’s a few party pointers to help reduce risk of San Diego county’s next DUI or even a possible collision.

Serve up responsible holiday parties

Practice pointers are handy for Christmas or holiday parties in San Diego California.

No one wants the $10,000 headache. Prevent a DUI situation and the need to find an attorney.

1. Serve tons of food

Party guests on a diet may not want to hear this but keep them full and in good spirit with ample food and especially meat and cheese. Protein fills guests up and provides fuel and energy. Food provides balance for intake of alcohol. No amount of food will necessarily counteract the effects of alcohol but it may help someone from driving poorly.

2. Stop serving booze one hour before closing your party.

Stop serving alcohol an hour or more prior to the end of your Christmas party. Instead of alcohol, serve bottled water, sparkling water, quality juice, soft drinks, and virgin cocktails like Shirley Temples and the like.
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3. Call a Taxi or Make Sure Designated Drivers are available.

This is self-explanatory.

4. Have a portable breath test for folks to blow into.

Provide a printer to provide the prospective driver before venturing out into San Diego County. Instead of having to hire a lawyer, hand the breath test result under .08% to the policeman.

5. Take someone’s keys if you feel the need to.

If you notice your guest has seriously overindulged, grab his or her keys inconspicuously. Do not make it a big deal when you take the keys.
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Don’t even tell anyone. See #3. The next day you can always suggest “lost keys” were a party faux pas.

6. Have beds available.

Couches, air mattresses, whatever. Pillows and blankets are more important. Fresh toothbrushes help.

San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Rick Mueller has this map of DUI checkpoint locations to help avoid local drunk driving roadblocks.

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