San Diego DUI lawyer – possible San Diego DUI penalties

If you are convicted of a first San Diego DUI offense, it’s a Misdemeanor. You face up to six months in jail, San Diego DUI fines of up to about $4,000 including mandatory penalty assessments and statutory restitution fines, San Diego DUI probation, required DUI classes, the MADD Victim Impact Class, vehicle impound, public work service program, the Installation of an Ignition Interlock device on your vehicle and other possible penalties. You can also get more jail time when you have a “high blood alcohol level”, an accident was involved, a child was in the vehicle, you refused a test, you exceeded certain speed limits and other possible factors.

Before the San Diego DUI police can succeed in convicting you of San Diego DUI charges, San Diego DUI police must establish Probable Cause to stop your car, among other requirements. The San Diego DUI officer must make a valid arrest after the stop, and must correctly administer either or both the San Diego DUI Field Sobriety Test and the San Diego DUI Breath Test PAS device (the hand-held breathalyzer).

After you are arrested for a San Diego DUI, the San Diego DUI police must accurately administer the San Diego DUI Breath Test or the San Diego DUI Blood test, whichever you have chosen, or must adequately explain what is a “Refusal” if you do not let them test.

You may have heard that there is nothing a San Diego DUI Lawyer can do for you when your stopped for a San Diego DUI. However, that is just not true. The San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving laws are too complicated to navigate without a professional San Diego DUI attorney. While every San Diego DUI case is different, and no one San Diego DUI case can be compared to another San Diego DUI, a competent San Diego DUI attorney can protect you from abuses.

A San Diego DUI Arrest is very stressful. Your experienced San Diego DUI Attorney can ensure that the San Diego DUI Police adhere to their San Diego DUI requirements and relieve much of the burden on you.

Your San Diego DUI / DMV defense attorney may try to keep out evidence of your intoxication, if there are any San Diego DUI irregularities. Your San Diego DUI criminal lawyer will protect your Constitutional Rights.

Your San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney can make all the court appearances for you. Your San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the San Diego DUI prosecutors. Your experienced San Diego DUI attorney knows what is a weak San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving case, and what is insufficient San Diego DUI proof. There are many complex San Diego Drunk Driving issues involved.

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