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San Diego DUI / DWI criminal defense attorney Rick Mueller is one of a number of premier San Diego drunk driving defense lawyers.
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Because he focuses exclusively on San Diego drunk driving defense, San Diego DUI / DWI attorney Rick Mueller has the skills and experience needed to aggressively attack any San Diego driving under the influence charge.

San Diego DUI / DWI cases hinge on evidence such as field sobriety tests and blood and breath tests, so it’s imperative to hire a San Diego DUI lawyer who understands both the science and law of successful San Diego drunk driving defense. San Diego DUI / DWI attorney Rick Mueller has the scientific knowledge needed to refute blood and breath test evidence.
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San Diego DUI / DWI arrests often occur during traffic stops where police lacked probable cause to make a traffic stop. San Diego police often neglect to inform the driver that taking a San Diego field sobriety test is completely voluntary. In many San Diego drunk driving cases, the evidence in a San Diego drunk driving case can be successfully suppressed by an aggressive San Diego DUI / DWI attorney.

San Diego DUI / DWI attorney Rick Mueller is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and has taught many seminars on San Diego DUI / DMV / drunk driving defense.

A San Diego DUI charge threatens a driver’s finances, reputation and freedom, but it’s possible to aggressively fight the San Diego charges. Many accused San Diego DUI drivers unfortunately plead guilty without consulting with a qualified San Diego defense lawyer.

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