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February 17, 2011 4:43 pm

If anyone is trying to attend a MADD meeting at El Cajon court today to satisfy their DUI Probation requirements, look out, attorneys warn.

La Mesa Police Department will conduct a driver’s license checkpoint today at San Diego Superior Court’s East County branch in El Cajon, looking for drivers who are driving after having license suspended because of a DUI, say lawyers with sources.
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The cops will not say when this DUI/license checkpoint sting operation would start, but he said that it would last around four hours and every driver entering the courthouse is subject to a driver’s license check. If a driver is found to have a suspended license, the vehicle will be towed and possibly impounded.

“We talk to them about whether they’re on probation or not for DUI, and if so we check their license status and if it’s suspended we impound their car,” said Sgt. Peter Andersson of the La Mesa Police Department.

Although the courthouse is in El Cajon, the La Mesa Police Department will be conducting the operation because that location has jurisdiction over all of East County.
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“It’s where they hold their MADD court-ordered DUI probation meetings,” Andersson said.

Probationers convicted of a DUI drive to court-ordered appearances and meetings although their license has been suspended.

“They’re supposed to go to court-ordered meetings as part of their probationary requirements,” “Obviously they’re not supposed to drive anywhere. They will still drive sometimes to and from the meeting at the courthouse in El Cajon.”

The sting is one of many operations targeting drunken drivers funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

At least four times a year they do the court sting operation, attorneys say.

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