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Yesterday, San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Attorney Rick Mueller published a new article about “DUI – Drugs” cases in California. Click here for that entire new DUI article.

Special things to know include the excerpt from this secion


Criminal penalties for DUI – drugs somewhat mirror DUI alcohol, except that you may not be eligible for a restricted license if drugs are involved and you are so convicted.

Convicting a person of this crime may be difficult. A San Diego DUI Lawyer Specialist should be able to help to try avoid such a conviction.

Prosecuting DUI lawyers in San Diego California must prove the drug actually causes a significant or sufficient level of mental or physical impairment at the time of driving.

By the same token, your San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer may attempt to establish the drug did not actually impair your driving.

Sometimes it is impossible for the prosecuting DUI lawyer to prove driving impairment based upon only drugs. This is not often the case when the proof includes the combination of alcohol with a drug. The statute specifies both alcohol and/or drugs.

Of course a number of drugs actually enhance one’s ability to drive. Scientific evidence may be in the driver’s favor.

A San Diego DUI Lawyer Prosecutor attempts to prove the drive was under the influence of drug(s) by the driving (if bad), so-called physical signs and vague symptoms, questionable performance on field acrobatics/gymnastics and the California DUI chemical test.

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