San Diego DUI Law Center

So you want to know a little about that DMV hearing you need to do after a DUI.

The reason you hired a lawyer is because of a number of difficulties requiring a great deal of expertise.

Lawyers’ strategies & defenses at the DMV hearing are technical and challenging.

San Diego DMV burden of proof issues, documentary hassles, report problems, procedural hurdles, due process, Departmental disorganization, DMV snail pace movements, and red-tape all lead to possible bases for DMV taking no action, i.e. issuing an order of aside of the suspension after a DUI.

Due to weirdness and borderline insanity of the way in which San Diego DMV hearings are conducted by state employees, because of the absence of a real San Diego DUI judge (trained in law) to understand key case law interpretation and otherwise afford some legal protection, it’s obviously suggested to NOT represent yourself.

And since an administrative hearing is not a San Diego DUI criminal proceeding, California public defender attorneys cannot help.

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