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An anti-Raider DUI arrest squadron of California drunk driving cops reported targeted Raider fans at the Oakland Raiders game against the Denver Broncos, San Diego lawyers hear.

More and more area police departments had California drunk driving officers available to respond to calls for service rather than roving DUI patrols and checkpoints, criminal defense lawyers are told. Coincidentally, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office had the most DUI arrests – 333. The Oakland DUI division of the CHP was second – 125.

In Alameda County, California DUI arrests decreased for the second straight year, from 897 in 2009-10 to 763.
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Two years ago, 1,270 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the campaign, criminal defense attorneys are told.
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California DUI cops were could not stop all DUI drivers coming out of the Raiders but they were as aggressive as the Raiders played.

The race was on: California Highway Patrol led departments in DUI arrests, with 66. Oakley police had the second-most arrests, 45, while Concord police had the third most at 37.

“It’s (due to) proactivity,” Oakley Sgt. Robert Roberts said. “We had all of our officers who worked the night shift look out for drunken drivers.
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Officers stop every single vehicle with a vehicle code violation we possibly can.”

Some of the drivers from those California DUI stops were intoxicated. Many of the 45 arrested were not drunk, but under the influence of marijuana or methamphetamine, San Diego DUI attorneys are told.

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