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The California DUI Lawyers Association presented San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller the President’s Award at its annual meeting.

The California DUI Lawyers Association Present’s Award states on its plaque:

“For steadfast commitment to CDLA and to Freedome, and for outstanding efforts in organizing events that help arm others in the defense of Liberty

George Fredrick Mueller

‘When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?’ – Eleanor Roosevelt”

At the time of the Award presentation, it was stated that Rick Mueller was receiving this Award – als from the Executive Director – for contributions to the California DUI Community and that San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller always shares his pleadings. Rick is responsible for putting on numerous DUI and DMV seminars in San Diego and California, helping other lawyers by contributing his expertise and written materials. Rick’s biography can be found here.

The Award was presented at Fast Eddie Kuwatch DUI Seminar & Annual Meeting of the California DUI Lawyers Association (formerly Deuce Defenders) located at the Westin Hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp, 910 Broadway, San Diego California 92101, on Saturday August 13th, 2016.

Lynn Gorelick is the two term President of the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA). Her father was the famous Judge Walter L. Gorelick, author of “Summary of California DUI Cases,” Tule Legal Press, covering all California DUI cases and DUI Statutes; many cases from other DUI jurisdictions for illustrative purposes; presumptions; drug issues; search and seizure topics, implied consent refusals, DMV Hearings and administrative per se cases; pretrial issues, voir-dire and other trial issues, scientific questions; new research and technology; extensive bibliography; and many other related topics. Judge Gorelick was certified as a criminal law specialist by the California State in 1977. He was the Chief Public Defender of Tulare County before being a Judge. It is no small feat to write a book such as this, countless hours requiring tireless efforts. Daughter Lynn carries that same torch as President of CDDL.

Josh Dale of the presentation team is the Executive Director of the California DUI Lawyers Association. North San Diego County DUI lawyer Mike Fremont deservedly won the Kuwatch Award. Speakers included renown attorneys Manny Daskal, Garrick Byers, Jeremy Brehmer, Mac Fulfer, Dan Jaffe, Tyrone Moncriffe, Jim Nesci and Suzanne Perry of Salient Analytical Services. This DUI Seminar was approved by National College of DUI Defense. Subjects included Marijuana DUI – Drugs, Speedy Trial Law, Winning DMV Hearings & Writs, Face Reading, Lawlytics, Jury Story Telling, The Cure for Bad Breath and Beyond the GC Peak.

Earlier this year, San Diego DUI Lawyer Rick Mueller was also named one of the Best Lawyers in San Diego and Most Feared Lawyers in California.

Here are a few Google reviews for San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller.

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