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San Diego DUI attorneys should appreciate what California DUI Lawyers Association President Attorney Donald Bartell does.

This week, lawyers Don Bartell, Donald Hensel, Lara Gressley, Glenn Beloian, Jared Bartell and John Aquilina worked as a fantastic team filing CDLA’s Amici Curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme this week in the case of Williams v. Illinois.

At issue is whether an expert can give an opinion based upon the work performed by another expert. The case is yet another Confrontation Clause case.

These attorneys are heroes of the Sixth Amendment.

In the 11th hour, Don spearheaded California’s passage of “AB520.” It’s off to the Governor for his signature or veto. If signed, it would become the first bill that CDLA has ever proposed that became law.

The bill allows second DUI offenders who get convicted of a wet reckless the chance to get a restricted license. Ignacio Hernandez was instrumental in this legislative opportunity so he marshaled the bill through the legislative process. Again, attorneys Lara Gressley and Don Bartell really put a lot of effort into the editing process.

There are many hurdles and forces they were up against in getting the bill this far. Congratulations to all these phenomenal lawyers. Their work helps in San Diego and throughout California.

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