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A rookie San Diego police identified as Michael Hayes, was shot while on his second day of solo patrol. Police said Hayes got out of his black and white patrol car to talk with some people in the park around 68th st. and Imperial when a white car pulled up beside him, police said. The bullet missed Hayes, but he was hit by glass when the bullet shattered a window of the patrol car, police said.
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The officer chased the car, but the gunman sped away down Imperial Avenue. A witness took down the gunman’s license plate, which police traced to a Hertz rental car agency in National City, where Rahin Mitchell, 32, was arrested in connection with the case.

Police said they found PCP in the rental car.
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Police said at this time, they do not have a motive in the alleged shooting and do not know if the officer was targeted.
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Mitchell is set to be arraigned Friday and faces charges including making criminal threats against a police officer and attempted murder. In addition, he faces a reckless driving charge in connection with an SUV crash that took place less than a month ago.

In that case, Mitchell was suspected of felony drunken driving, after sheriff’s deputies said he lost control of an SUV, hit three other cars, and plowed through a house, just narrowly missing a woman, her husband and four children.

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