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A San Diego area cop was busted on this video at the Sycuan Casino for padding blackjack bets as part of a booze-bender on June 2, 2011.

Jesus Angel Salazar left Chula Vista police department; his attorney pled him guilty to a San Diego county DUI after stopped near the road not far from the same casino allegedly with a .15% BAC.

The Sycuan Gaming Commission released the surveillance tapes which clearly shows all four blackjack hands involving “capping.”

The ex-cop looked at his cards, waited for the dealer to pass the cards to players furthest away from him, then when he may have thought the dealer could not see, he put a $25 casino chip on his bet before the dealer could see.

“In each of the hands, he looks at his hand, likes his and caps his bet.
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He tries to add more chips to his original hand,” says Casino’s security chief, Mr.
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Van Slyke.

In a 4th hand, Jesus is caught red-handed by the dealer.
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He claimed all he was trying to do was add to the bet to split the cards.

But it was too late since the ‘eye in the sky’ already noticed the prior capped bets.

“As he’s adding a $25 bet, as the dealer is looking at his hand and the dealer pushes back the bet,” Mr. Van Slyke pointed out. He was also asked to stay away from the casino for at least three years, San Diego DUI lawyers are told.

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