San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI Lawyer Challenges To Breath Tests

San Diego DUI Breath Test Machine Was Not Properly Administered or Operated

The Machine Was Not Properly Calibrated

The Machine Was Affected By Radio Frequency Interference (Radio e.g.)

The Machine Did Not Have An “Acceptable” Range

Your Body Temperature Was Greater Than 98.6

You Were Tested Within 2 Hours From Your Last Drink

You Have Medical Or Dental Problems That Make You A Inappropriate Candidate For a Breath Test

The Officer Did Not Have You Under Continuous Observation For 15 Minutes Just Prior To The Breath Test

Your Symptoms And Drinking Pattern Are Not Consistent With The Numerical Test Result

Free San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney evaluation at gives you an opporunity to see if you can challenge a San Diego DUI Breath test.

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