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Two weeks from today is Labor Day. In San Diego & everywhere there is a warning today from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. The feds have a strong threat:

If you plan to have too many alcoholic drinks and then drive a car in San Diego California, you should not. You will be caught and prosecuted for a San Diego DUI.

Secretary Mary Peters made that promise at a news conference today as she announced a new push for cracking down on DUI/impaired motorists over the Labor Day weekend.

It’s called “Drunk driving. Over the limit – Under arrest”.

Mary Peters is the transportation secretary and she says, “Did you know that a first time (San Diego) DUI arrest can cost as much as ten thousand dollars? Once you start adding the legal fees the court costs vehicle recovery and lost wages and other fines the cost can be enormous.”

Last year, DUI / alcohol related car crashes in the U.S claimed over 17,500 lives.

Peters said the new campaign focuses on all the players’ police officers who run DUI sobriety check lanes, DUI prosecutors who bring drunk driving offenders into DUI court and the DUI judges who hand down sentences.

In San Diego, California, DUI checkpoints and zealous San Diego DUI officers are the norm.

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