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The December 2nd San Diego CHP shooting of twenty-seven year old Anthony Osorio may have been “suicide by cop,” San Diego DUI lawyers are told.

33 shots were fired by the California Highway Patrol officers, some of whom were California DUI cops and/or in pursuit of the driver who was speeding and engaged in erratic driving, bases for a police stop, San Diego DUI attorneys believe.
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CHP officers Bigalk, Harrison and Sgt.
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Jones shot thirty-three times and hit 18 times, killing the young man after this reported high-speed pursuit  rollover.

A CHP video reportedly shows he refused orders to put his hands up and instead exited the vehicle, screaming profanities, and advancing towards the 3 CHP officers who were unable to make visual contact with his right side, causing a belief he was motioning in such a fashion as if reaching for a weapon.

No gun was in his possession but a knife was allegedly later found in his pocket although he did not appear to try to get it out during the contact. His father was reportedly upset and demanded an investigation.

San Diego area investigators claim to have located a companion who claims he talked to him early in the evening about committing suicide by enticing police to shoot him.
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