San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County DUI Law Center never stopped posting locations of Southern California and these San Diego DUI checkpoints.

And, instead of removing DUI checkpoint apps Apple approved a new one.

DUI Dodger, a $.99 app for iPhone, was the brainchild of Anaheim Hills resident Geno Rose and built by San Diego-based It was approved by Apple like all apps sold in the company’s App Store are and went on sale last week.

The app shares some characteristics with others that are designed to inform people about DUI checkpoints and includes a tool for people to calculate their blood alcohol content as well as test whether they can walk the line effectively by holding the iPhone still and flat while walking in a straight line.

Three allegedly sober journalists in the newsroom attempted to walk the line using the app and were given B and C grades by the app. The feature bears the disclaimer “this result is a rough estimate for entertainment purpose only. Use common sense and just do not drink & drive at all.”

The app is focused on providing DUI checkpoint information in Southern California and lets users report checkpoints themselves, access their contacts to dial a friend and is updated by Rose using information he said he obtains from contacts he has at police agencies.

DUI checkpoints are typically publicized by law enforcement for the purpose of deterrence, thought the amount of detail provided in a news alert is at the discretion of the agency. While law enforcement might provide a city and time of night where a checkpoint will occur, apps could theoretically provide far more specific information.Defying senators who asked them not to do it, Apple is selling another DUI checkpoint app.

Though Apple did not respond to a request for comment on my first article, perhaps now we have the company’s answer to four senators who requested Apple, Google and RIM remove apps that “allow drunk drivers to evade police checkpoints.”

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