San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County DUI Law Center suggestions on avoiding a drunk driving Christmas Day:
  • Prior to consuming alcohol at Christmas, select a sober licensed California driver;
  • Do not bring your vehicle keys with you;
  • Plan a safe way back to your home before Christmas cocktails start;
  • Have San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller’s phone number handy just in case: 1800 THE LAW DUI;
  • If you’re drunk, call a taxi, sober buddy or family member, or use public transportation;If you happen to see a drunk driver on the road, call San Diego area DUI cops – Call 911; and
  • “RUOK” If you believe someone has had too much to drink, they probably have. Help him or her make other ways to get home without being arrested for a San Diego DUI.

This pre-Christmas Saturday, December 22, 2012, the San Diego Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint at 2100 El Cajon Boulevard, in University Heights. The checkpoint was made possible by a California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) “DUI Mini Grant.”

The San Diego DUI checkpoint began 10:50 pm through 3:00 am. 
348 vehicles passed through the San Diego California DUI checkpoint. 
341 of those vehicles were screened by San Diego California DUI officers. 
15 were detained for a further San Diego California DUI evaluation of sobriety. 
8 DUI arrests.
6 vehicle impounds mostly due to San Diego California DUI arrests.

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