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DUI checkpoints announcement for Poway California & San Diego County:

San Diego’s Sheriff Department will trap motorists in Poway via a “Saturday Night Drunk Driving Roadblock Special,” attorneys warn.

That’s right, the San Diego DUI Roadblock & Driver’s License Checkpoint will be from 6:00 pm Saturday through Sunday at 2 am. That’s August 25 2012 until August 26th, 2012, remind San Diego DUI lawyers.

Poway will repeat the San Diego DUI roadblock Friday, August 31 6 pm to 2 am Saturday, September 1 2012 at secret, undisclosed locations in Poway.

For lists of all San Diego area DUI checkpoints and drunk driving roadblocks, visit this valuable free site.

This zealousness is part of the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” national campaign.

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