San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County’s Vista Superior Court is very hard on DUI drivers who have aggravating circumstances. Last night, at a San Diego County Drunk Driving Checkpoint in Escondido, DUI police arrested 5 people! One guy had 3 prior DUI arrests. Was this worthy of the 1,700 vehicles trapped and stopped at a DUI checkpoint at North Centre City Parkway and Decatur Way from 6 p.m. Friday & 12 midnight, criminal defense attorneys ask? Probably so. DUI cops also say another drunk driver was arrested for a San Diego DUI warrant and for driving with a suspended license, lawyers say. Here’s the list of San Diego County DUI Law Center reported checkpoint locations for drunk driving roadblocks. DUI police gave out 24 citations, distributed educational materials on traffic safety improvements and reinstalled two child safety seats.

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