San Diego DUI Law Center

The Biggest Risk of a DUI

San Diego criminal defense attorneys never to like to hear someone was hurt in a DUI collision. If someone was hurt, the person facing San Diego drunk driving charges may be looking at a felony. A felony is horrible for many reasons. The biggest concern is the possibility of state prison in a felony DUI case in San Diego California, lawyers emphasize.

Some personal injury attorneys in San Diego monitor Drunk Driving accidents.
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Some San Diego lawyers who represent client involved in DUI accidents where the at-fault party was arrested for Drunk Driving explain how he or she follows the at-fault DUI driver throughout the criminal process to try to enhance the client’s civil case for personal injuries.
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Some personal injury lawyers in San Diego do not obtain the conviction records of the San Diego California DUI defendant for the civil case. But without the record, obtaining punitive damages for an injured client in addition to damages for negligence (pain and suffering) is much more difficult if not impossible.
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