San Diego DUI Law Center

Last month,  the San Diego County DUI Lawyer Center asked why 4 San Diego Police Department cops would risk their jobs over a possible cover-up after a suspected drunk driving crash by another officer?

Now the San Diego Union Tribune says the San Diego District Attorney’s Office is looking at whether these cops should face felonies, San Diego California DUI attorneys are told.

San Diego Police Department Sgt. J. Iammarino and SDPD Detective D. Caropreso, off-duty buddies of Detective J. Blackford  arrived on the scene first after his accident.  On-duty San Diego Police Department cops Sgt. W. Brown and Sgt. C. Tivanian then arrived.  One cop administered a PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test) breath test.  As the San Diego DUI prosecutors always say in court, such a test was closer in time to the time of the cop DUI accident; however, those results were not reported according to San Diego City lawyers.

There was 1 hour, 44 minute delay between this .09% California DUI blood test and when the accident was called in.

This is getting interesting.


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