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San Diego DUI lawyers report a suspected drunk driver crashed a sedan into two parked cars on the driveway of a Mission Hills home early Thursday morning but he and his passenger escaped serious injury, San Diego DUI police said.

The sedan crashed into two vehicles parked in the driveway of a house in the 2400 block of Arista Street around 4 a.m., said San Diego DUI attorneys.
The sedan hit the corner driving at, what San Diego DUI police allege, was at least 60 miles per hour and crashed into the vehicles. The car landed upright on its hood against the home.

In other DUI news in San Diego, standout defensive nose tackle for the San Diego Chargers, arrested Feb. 1 on suspicion of drunk driving, pleaded guilty Thursday to a pair of traffic infractions for an illegal lane change and speeding.

Jamal Williams, 32, was never formally charged with San Diego DUI, according to San Diego criminal defense lawyer Greg Turner, who said the San Diego City Attorney’s Office filed reckless driving charges against his client.

“Essentially, he pled guilty to what he did,” San Diego criminal defense lawyer Turner said outside court.

The San Diego criminal defense attorney said Williams was charged appropriately once it was determined that his blood-alcohol level was .07 percent — under the state limit of .08 to operate a motor vehicle.

Turner said the case was sensationalized because Williams — a 350-pound standout defensive player — was arrested on suspicion of San Diego DUI after he was pulled over going 85 mph on state Route 94 east of downtown.

Turner praised San Diego criminal prosecutors for properly evaluating the case and agreeing to settle it. “They realized very early on it wasn’t a DUI case,” the San Diego criminal defense attorney said.

Williams — who was not present for today’s court hearing — will attend traffic school to have the infractions cleared from his San Diego / DMV record, San Diego criminal defense lawyer Turner said. Well-known & well-respected Commissioner Lee Witham also ordered Williams to pay $472 in fines.

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