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April 9, 2008 San Diego DUI Attorney Articles

Black and White Fever
How to shop for the least expensive vehicle insurance
California DUI Defense Attorney Breath Test Inquiries
California DUI – Driving Under the Influence of Drugs – California DUI Lawyer arguments re: Sleep Driving
California DUI Attorney – Cell Phone Interference
“If I don’t agree to do field sobriety tests…”
Can Sugar-free Candy or Gum’s Sugar Alcohol Cause a Falsely Elevated California DUI Breath Test Reading?
Marijuana and Driving Impairment
How a California DUI breath test sample is supposed to estimate a person’s BAC
What is a Breath Test Machine’s “Source Code”?
Scientific Variations of California DUI Breath Test Results
Prosecution blood draw witnesses told how to testify – outrageous memo revealed
Less Than .08% BAC & Still Arrested for a California DUI?
California Drunk Driving FAQ
Key steps to hiring the very best San Diego California DUI / DMV Defense Lawyer
DUI drivers cause few traffic fatalities
Marijuana DUI – California Background Information
California DUI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
California Drunk Driving Police Encounter – From Contact to DUI Testing
Interstate License Reporting
Zero Tolerance for all California DUI / Drunk Driving Probationers in 2009
Booze + Energy Drinks = Possible Danger
California Drunk Driving – DUI Laws: History & Extrapolation
Widmark Calculations in a California DUI Attorney’s Jury Trial
The Best DUI Attorney in the Country is here in California
Consensual or Helping vs. an Unlawful California DUI Police Contact?
California DUI CHP Holiday Enforcement Information
California DUI Lawyer Motion to Suppress Evidence
Avoid The High Costs of a San Diego California DUI Defense Lawyer
California DUI Field Sobriety Testing is Generally Not That Trustworthy
Delays in Preparation of California DUI Arrest Reports Invite Objections
Resources for Powerful California DUI Prosecuting Attorneys
San Diego’s Speed Traps
Tracking of Autos with PAS/PBTs
Driving on a Suspended License Citation/Arrest
Jury Selection Tips & Rules for a California DUI Atttorney
Things other than alcohol which could register a BAC
Fermentation Is a Bonafide Attack on California DUI Blood Tests
Objective Signs of Intoxication shown to be Subjective by California DUI Attorneys
The Importance of a 15-20 Minute Continuous Observation Period Just Prior to Breath Testing
Comparison of Roles of California DUI Defense Lawyer vs. DUI Prosecuting Attorney & Police
Possible Military Consequences of a California DUI
Unreliable California DUI Field Testing Does Not Account for Age, Nutrition & Fitness
California DUI Expungement Q. and A.

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