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San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney pointed out to jurors today sleep apnea caused his client to lose consciousness and black out just before the fatal collision.

San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Brad Patton noted his client served 20 years in the Marine Corps. He was diagnosed last year with severe sleep apnea, the San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney proclaimed. One of the side effects of the disease is called “micro-sleep,” where a person loses consciousness, the San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer emphasized.

When Guarino came to the intersection of Camino del Norte and Paseo Lucido, it was his intention to turn left toward his home, but he went into a “micro-sleep” and drifted into the turn lane, never applying the brakes, San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney Patton told the jury.
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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer Patton acknowledged DUI and .08% might be appropriate, but the charge of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated should not be.
The man is further charged with DUI causing injury. He faces up to thirteen years in prison if convicted, San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys believe.
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The San Diego county DUI prosecuting lawyer said Anthony Guarino admitted after the crash that alcohol affected his driving. His vehicle killed 65-year-old Marc William Durham, a recently-retired San Diego resident and injured 5 folks.

The San Diego DUI defendant’s alleged BAC was purportedly .15% but that was 2 1/2 hours after the drunk driving crash. Not known to offer facts which would give a San Diego DUI defendant the benefit of the doubt, the San Diego county DUI prosecuting lawyer instead surmised BAC was probably between .17-.20% at the time of the San Diego drunk driving accident.

The San Diego DUI victim was a movie buff and was on his way to see a film when he was killed. The San Diego DUI accused allegedly told investigators that he had been drinking Jack Daniels whiskey at a bar in National City. He said he had “a few” and also told a doctor in a hospital emergency room that he had at least 5 drinks.

Perhaps because he was traumatized, nervous, perhaps still suffering from sleep apena, or some other valid reason, the San Diego county DUI accused purportedly never mentioned sleep apnea when a police officer purportedly asked him in a very general manner if he was being treated for any medical problems.

50-60 mph is the other estimate in this case, the estimate of the San Diego County DUI defendant’s speed when his black BMW hit the left rear of Durham’s Toyota Corolla.
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say the San Diego DUI accident set off a chain-reaction crash involving 4 other vehicles that left 5 injured.

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