San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County DUI Law Center spent all weekend trying to find the DUI checkpoints and San Diego drunk driving roadblock locations for drivers, reports San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller.  The results of the San Diego DUI arrests were released today, showing a decrease from last year from 46 to 34 during a 36 hour period beginning 6 pm pre-Labor Day friday.

Here’s the California Highway Patrol snippet available to attorneys who handle DUI cases in San Diego County:

Statewide, the number of fatalities went up, with 14 people reported killed in California during that period this year, as compared with 11 last year.
DUI arrests were only those made by CHP officers. Fatalities reported were from all law enforcement agencies.
“Unfortunately, there are motorists out there willing to take that risk,” said CHP spokesman Robert Catano. “We are making every effort through education and enforcement to make sure every motorist out there drives to their destination safely.” 
The CHP says this holiday weekend is a maximum enforcement period, meaning more officers than normal are on the road looking for problems, including DUI’s.
Not only is taking a cab a lot less dangerous. It’s also a lot less expensive.
“You will be fined, and once it’s all said and done, up to $10,000, you’re facing potential jail time as well as possible probation,” he said. “You’re looking at possible DUI ordered court program, so it’s just not worth it.” 

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