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When a person is arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving / driving under the influence in a city in San Diego County, it can be a very difficult time in their lives.
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It can be a nerve-racking situation, embarrassing and can cause problems in daily life. Or the situation can be minimized through a premier San Diego DUI attorney.

First of all you have been field tested, arrested for San Diego DUI and have had to explain this to family, friends and maybe even your boss and that can make a person feel very uncomfortable. This is probably not a drinking problem; it was a bad case of misjudgment on your part or being in the wrong place at the wrong time when you allegedly sat behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic drinks.
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The first important thing that needs to be done to secure a favorable outcome from this lapse in judgment does not take over your life and to do this you will need the assistance of an experienced San Diego DUI attorney that will know what will need to be done after a San Diego DUI arrest, they have reviewed and analyzed your San Diego drunk driving case.

What the San Diego DUI/DWI lawyer will do when you are arrested for one of these charges: an experienced San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyer continues to stay educated in the new laws as well as the San Diego dui scientific evidence; this enables the San Diego drunk driving criminal defense attorney to know things such as the testing equipment used during chemical testing is only works as good as the person giving the San Diego DUI test.

The San Diego DUI/DWI attorney will also understand that there will be two separate hearings, the one will be held before a judge and be criminal charges, the other is with San Diego DMV and this one if not handled well can end with you losing driving privileges for an extended amount of time. The San Diego DMV defense attorney understands walking into this hearing the person who will hear this case will play both roles: the judge and the prosecutor. This San Diego DMV hearing officer determines the fate of your driving privileges.

San Diego DUI attorney experience is what is needed to represent a San Diego DUI – driving under the influence case and have it end where in a favorable outcome.
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