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San Diego DUI Attorney Mary Prevost also does a fine job of representing folks who have been victims of crimes caused by San Diego Police Department officers.

In her latest civil rights lawsuit victory San Diego DUI Lawyer Mary Prevost successfully obtained a $795,000 settlement with San Diego Police Department after former SDPD officer Anthony Arevalos sexually assaulted “Jane Roe,” leading to his present 9 year prison sentence.

U.S. Judge Gallo issued the settlement, the biggest out of $2.3 Million paid by the City of San Diego for these sex for no DUI victim lawsuits.  San Diego DUI Attorney Mary Prevost noted this will allow a severely damaged woman to put her life together after being arrested for drunk driving and then subject to sexual assault in the back of a vehicle.

10 lawsuits are over; 1 remains.

 The remaining one could mean millions if San Diego does not settle.

In the fall, San Diego settled with three women.

This agreement, for $675,000, compensated a woman who said Arevalos reached into her jeans and also asked if her breasts were real.

Another woman accepted 0,000.

She said the former officer cupped her breasts three times during a traffic stop.

A $75,000 settlement went to a woman who said she suffered a panic attack when he pulled her over and made suggestive remarks.

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