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San Diego DUI Attorney Detention Points & Stop Procedures

The Fourth Amendment of the Federal Constitution permits San Diego DUI criminal attorneys to protect drivers against improper stops and detentions. There may be an unlimited number of reasons why a San Diego DUI police officer conducts a vehicle stop but there are a few regularly recurring reasons for enforcements stops.

A San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer is always looking for ways to show the San Diego DUI police violated the prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures, emphasizing the unreasonableness of the police conduct. A San Diego DUI officer’s misapplication of the facts does not make a stop lawful. An officer’s good faith in a warrantless detention is not an exception to the requirement that the officer have objectively reasonable suspicion of unlawful conduct prior to making the enforcement stop. [U.S. v. Twilley, 222 F.3d 1092 (9th Cir. 2000)]

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San Diego DUI Attorney Review of Police Detention

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