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Tips for San Diego DUI criminal lawyers’ attacks on San Diego field sobriety testing:

San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys have to deal with San Diego DUI field sobriety testing. San Diego DUI defense lawyers point out these gymnastics are not for everyone. San Diego DUI criminal attorneys show that performance on these acrobatics can be explained.

San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense attorneys can reduce damning field sobriety performance by contrasting it to something more negative that did not actually take place. A 70 foot yacht does not look so large docked next to an aircraft carrier. If a San Diego DUI Driver “stumbled” during the walk the line test, a San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer may ask the San Diego DUI officer questions designed to establish the subject did not put his hand down, did not grab for support, did not skin his knee, did not fall down and simply had a misstep. This San Diego DUI attorney reduction technique allows a San Diego DUI lawyer to do something with allegedly bad FST evidence.

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