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December 28, 2007

San Diego DUI officials have a warning for San Diego DUI drivers: tonight marks the start of the New Year’s Eve weekend maximum San Diego DUI enforcement patrols by the San Diego CHP.

San Diego DUI checkpoints will be set up throughout San Diego County. The San Diego DUI enforcements will last through midnight Tuesday. According to the CHP, 80 percent of their San Diego Drunk Driving officers will be out patrolling. San Diego DUI lawyers caution people to be careful how they drive.

San Diego Drunk Driving officials said they are urging motorists not to drink or drive, speed, to wear their seat belts and make sure their children are properly secured in the proper child safety seats.

San Diego DUI attorneys want people to know that San Diego DUI police will stop anyone for these infractions, as probable cause to detain for a possible San Diego DUI.

The sheriff’s department will also have several San Diego DUI checkpoints set up, including one in Poway beginning at 10 a.m.!

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department jail has suspended its quick release program through Jan. 2. That means anyone arrested on suspicion of San Diego DUI / drunk driving / driving under the influence will be required to post $2,500 bail or await arraignment on the next available San Diego DUI court date. If you cannot reach your San Diego DUI attorney and cannot post bail, that means spending New Year’s weekend in San Diego county jail.

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