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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers and San Diego drunk driving defense attorneys at are told about Jamal Williams, the Chargers’ nose tackle. Early Sunday morning, he was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of San Diego California DUI, the second time in four weeks a San Diego player – receiver Vincent Jackson, who had a prior DUI conviction, was the other – was nabbed before any damage other than embarrassment and career endangerment could be done.

This follows the footprints of the infamous Steve Foley incident, and the former Chargers linebacker used to preach the evils of drinking and driving in the locker room. The Chargers have a model program called Safe Ride Solutions that other NFL teams have adopted. If a player has had too much tipple, he can call a number and get a lift.

Of course, what good does that do when they won’t even call a taxi or hire a limo because they love their inconspicuous Bentleys? All the team can do is try, and the Chargers do, but they have a problem. They’re not alone, but they have a problem.

13,000 San Diego California DUI convictions are issued each year in San Diego County, and all of them can’t be Chargers. But when players screw up, unlike most of the other 13,000, it’s going to get out. If it seems unfair, so be it. Like it or not, athletes are public figures with a responsibility to their teams, families and communities.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos is disappointed, but he also should be angry. His organization spends time and money educating its players. It has a solid program in place, and that’s to be applauded, but this isn’t jaywalking.

It seems there is more concern when San Diego California DUI offenses are repeated, as in the case of Jackson.

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