San Diego DUI Law Center

Drunk Driving Sobriety Checkpoints exist in San Diego. Here’s the most recent DUI Checkpoint locations in San Diego, California.

San Diego DUI checkpoints have increased over the past 2 years, according to criminal defense lawyers. San Diego arrests from DUI checkpoints accounted for just 26 of 514 arrests in Pacific Beach in 2009. In 2008,, when SDPD police made 595 DUI arrests in Pacific Beach, the department conducted no drunk driving roadblocks in San Diego.
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San Diego DUI checkpoints contribute to a tiny portion of San Diego drunk driving arrests, yet Pacific Beach is “at the top” say criminal defense attorneys.
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San Diego DUI police arrest more folks per San Diego drunk driving checkpoint in Pacific Beach compared to all of San Diego; about 1/2 of San Diego Police Department’s drunk driving checkpoints are in P.B. See this graph.

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