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San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys are routinely asked how much they charge. Different lawyers charge different rates. Sometimes it depends on whether the attorneys or lawyers practice criminal defense law or specialize in DUI cases. It varies. The smart person who was arrested will thoroughly investigate drunk driving defense attorney costs throughout San Diego California.

Always keep in mind a helpful slogan of the infamous California DUI criminal defense lawyer Felipe “Mad Dog” Plasencia:

Good lawyers aren’t cheap.
Cheap lawyers aren’t good.

Mad Dog is generously sponsoring this weekend’s 6th Annual DUI Defense Seminar, which consists of a number of well-known California DUI criminal defense attorneys, including board members of the prestigious California DUI Lawyers Association.

As Craigs List and Jail Mail indicate, some San Diego attorneys might charge as little as $800 to enter a quick guilty plea. With so much at stake, smart folks accused of a San Diego DUI initially want to contest the drunk driving charges by selecting an actual DUI Attorney “Specialist.” Such lawyer specialists can be found on the website of the above California DUI Lawyers Association.

Legal representation to fight San Diego DUI charges can normally cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000, depending on a number of important factors, including:

1. whether the charges include a felony or misdemeanor DUI,
2. whether the DUI case is particularly complex,
3. the overhead (including size & expenses) of the DUI defense firm, and
4. the quality & competency of the San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney.

For a free online evaluation of your San Diego DUI case or consultation on your DMV defense, visit this site.

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