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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers have been warning folks all weekend: DUI checkpoints are in place all weekend at various locations across the county.

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San Diego police are looking out for drunk divers. 750,000 people are expected to visit the beaches and bays between Saturday and Monday. To handle the larger crowds, plenty of extra DUI officers will be on duty patrolling San Diego county.

So far, The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested 4 and Chula Vista police arrested 3 people on suspicion of DUI at separate overnight sobriety checkpoints. Deputies from the Encinitas Sheriff’s station conducted a Solana Beach drunk driving checkpoint. In Chula Vista, three drivers were arrested on suspicion of DUI during a checkpoint.

By 3 p.m. Saturday, CHP arrested another 34 people for San Diego DUI / drunk driving in San Diego County.

5 people were arrested for San Diego DUI drunk driving during the Escondido Police Department’s anti-DUI/drunk driving patrol.

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