San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys often compare texting to DUI cases when distraction issues arise.

Sending a text message while driving is one of the dumbest things you can do.

But, here’s the million dollar question – Do the laws work?

A new study has shown that state laws banning driving while texting have not reduced accidents, and in some cases may have even resulted in more accidents.

How could it have increased accidents? Because people who want to text anyway — especially unskilled young drivers — begin holding their phones lower to avoid detection, making it that much more difficult to control the car and be aware of their surroundings. The study compared before and after stats in states that implemented texting-while-driving bans, and then also compared the findings to neighboring states that didn’t have such laws.

No one is suggesting texting while driving is a good thing. But these laws aren’t helping and may even be making the problem worse. Solution-oriented lawyers in San Diego point to excessive DUI laws as well.

Instead of acting like we live in a perfect world where if something is banned by law, people will stop doing it, why not focus on looking for solutions that actually make driving safer?

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