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San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys use Title 17 Violations as Defenses To Help a Person Win a San Diego California DUI / DMV Case

Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations mandates the manner of blood, breath, and urine tests: how they are handled, administered, collected, retained, analyzed, stored, etc.

These Title 17 violations, if shown by a San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer, result in DMV setting aside a suspension action a prosecutor, judge &/or jury essentially dismissing or dropping San Diego DUI charges, or in reduction of San Diego Drunk Driving charges.

This California DUI law establishes the ground rules cops and medical personnel must follow if they want your BAC number to be properly considered as valid evidence.

Here’s a few requirements San Diego drunk driving criminal defense attorneys rely on:

* not have a slight burp or belch, eat, drink, smoke, vomit, or regurgitate for the 15 minutes just prior to taking a breath test (so that your breath test results are not skewed or falsely elevated),

* blood is properly drawn, handled and retained by someone qualified to do so, and

* testing equipment is properly maintained and calibrated in accordance with regulations.

When San Diego county DUI police do not strictly comply by these and the many other Title 17 rules and regulations, one has a chance that his or her San Diego California DUI criminal defense lawyer will succeed in attacking the DUI / DMV test results.

You may not know it at the time that San Diego area police didn’t follow the proper procedure, but it’s something that your San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney may be able to bring out.

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