San Diego DUI Law Center

September 2, 2010
4:40 p.m.
San Diego DUI News Flash

San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers hear that here comes the San Diego DUI crackdown on drunk driving through the Labor Day holiday as no less than 14 San Diego DUI police agencies in the county will be running San Diego DUI checkpoints.

San Diego DUI patrols are in full force, indicated Ross Burns, executive director for MADD in San Diego. Without specifying the San Diego DUI research, Burns said research has shown that highly visible and frequent San Diego DUI checkpoints reduce alcohol-related crashes and fatalities by an average of 40 percent.

San Diego DUI efforts are part of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s nationwide program featuring the slogan, “Drunk Driving. Over the limit, Under arrest.”

San Diego MADD’s campaign to fight San Diego DUI drunk driving features high-visibility San Diego DUI police & mandatory ignition interlocks for convicted San Diego DUI / drunk drivers, criminal defense attorneys are told.

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