San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers that you can rely on are not a dime a dozen.

If you do your Google, Avvo and Yelp research, you’ll see what your best bet is

Start with your DMV issues at a helpful DUI link with a free online consultation within minutes of your submission of the Survey results


There’s a number of reasons why you will wisely consider San Diego County’s Specialist in DUI and DMV Law and you can do so right now.


Reliable San Diego DUI defense attorneys look at all San Diego drunk driving arrests and determine whether your rights were violated and whether the San Diego county police officer complied with all proper San Diego procedures and protocol.

This ingenious


San Diego DUI Specialist Attorney aggressively defends as the Premier San Diego DUI Specialist per California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA)! 28 years is utilized in the trenches of San Diego’s court and administrative forums.

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