San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI Defense Attorneys have a strategy
going into a DMV hearing to save their clients’

You got a rabbit in your hat
You got a few tricks up your sleeve
Don’t get stuck in a rut
Or stuck in the same
You got exactly what you need

A San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer’s tactic
can be a basic drunk driving related
or DUI / DMV strategy that should be successful
at a DMV administrative per se hearing.

You got a talent don’t you know?
You’re more talented than you know
And you give it a shot
And give it the time
And be surprised how far it goes

The guiding words of San Diego’s The Soft Pack
are great if you’re setting up the hearing for
a writ. Because San Diego DMV Hearing Officers
are trained to suspend in every case that they
can suspend.

San Diego DMV Hearing Officers are told by management
that any Respondent win not justified is “abuse”.

San Diego DMV Hearing Officers decide cases but a
logistical problem is only the set asides first
must go to a supervisor for “abuse detection” and
screening or approval.

How can any San Diego DUI lawyer, San Diego Superior
Court Judge, San Diego prosecuting attorney, and most
importantly, any San Diego driver facing a possible
suspension, consider San Diego DMV Hearing Officers
a) fair, b) unbiased, or c) impartial!

Utterly impossible.

What are San Diego DUI defense attorneys facing?
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Hearing Officers who are wrong on the law, who do not really want to understand toxicology, who talk among themselves based on what their local San Diego lab or prosecuting attorneys’ toxicologist have told them (which is often wrong information), and who are told any driver’s lawyer’s Toxicologist should never be given any credit to.

DMV Supervisors and Hearing Officers, reconsider:

You gotta answer to yourself
You can’t depend on anyone else
You gotta know where you stand
And what’s in your hands
Yeah you gotta answer to yourself

You gotta write down what you know
You gotta make sure that it’s known
Because they’re coming along to see what you’ve done
And they’re gonna claim it for their own

You got a few things on your shelf
You got to look through for yourself
You gotta choose what to read
Choose what to believe
And you don’t take it from anyone else

But I think I’m gonna die
Before I see my time
But I think I’m gonna die
Trying anyway

So, San Diego DUI attorneys, keep making DMV objections and
do NOT agree to continuances where the paperwork is deficient.

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