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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers at are asked when faced with a San Diego California DUI arrest, there are a number of issues to consider:

Will you have to serve San Diego jail time? If so, for how long?
Is San Diego DUI probation a possibility?
What will you owe in San Diego fines?
Will your license be suspended? For how long?
Will you have to go to a San Diego DUI school or do community service?

Here are the vehicle codes regarding a first time San Diego California DUI Conviction.

San Diego California DUI Convictions: Vehicle Code, Sections 13353, 23152, 23577, 23578.

San Diego California Criminal Status: Vehicle Code Sections 23101(a), 23152, 23550 & 40000.15.

Jail: Vehicle Code, Section 23536

San Diego California DUI Fines/Costs: Vehicle Code, Section 23536

San Diego California License Suspension: Vehicle Code, Sections 13350, 13352

Ignition Interlock Device: Vehicle Code, Section 23575

Vehicle Impound: Vehicle Code, Section 23592

San Diego California DUI School: Vehicle Code, Section 23538

San Diego California Probation: Vehicle Code, Section 23600

A San Diego DUI can have unbelievable consequences attached to it.

You may also seek the advice of a qualified San Diego California DUI Lawyer at to reduce your conviction to a misdemeanor.

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