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Your San Diego DUI / DMV defense lawyer has just 10 CALENDAR DAYS after the DUI arrest to serve the San Diego DMV Office with a timely request for a hearing date.
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DMV starts with the San Diego drunk driving / DUI police report, DMV records, San Diego DUI alcohol reports and the important San Diego DUI officer’s sworn statement which is pivotal.

A San Diego DMV / DMV suspension can be set aside or sustained.
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Because there is no privilege against self-incrimination at DMV, your San Diego DUI / DMV attorney does not want you to be present at the hearing since the Driver Safety Officer can call you as a witness and force you to testify against yourself if you ill-advisedly appear. Ouch.

Numerous San Diego DUI / DMV proof problems can get your lawyer a aside if the suspension.

Since these are not San Diego DUI criminal proceedings, San Diego County public defenders are unavailable.

The San Diego DMV may not be able to schedule a hearing before your 30-day temporary license expires. Your San Diego DUI / DMV lawyer will request a Notice of Stay of the 30-day temporary license until a San Diego DMV hearing is provided and a San Diego DMV decision is actually rendered.

One San Diego DUI Lawyer which stands out!
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