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San Diego DUI attorneys report people are hitting beaches around San Diego, including the Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado — one of the few places beachgoers can legally drink alcohol — where parking lots are already full.
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This is first July Fourth holiday during which booze is not allowed on many beaches around San Diego, per San Diego DUI lawyers. In the past year, the city of San Diego banned alcohol on beaches and many other communities along the coast quickly followed suit, according to San Diego DUI attorneys.

Many people waited outside the gates since 11 p.m. on Thursday, hoping for a spot on the beach at the Silver Strand, San Diego DUI attorneys are told.

San Diego DUI lawyers hear that so many people showed up at the Silver Strand, in fact, that vehicles began backing up onto state Route 75. The California Highway Patrol declared a SigAlert in the area a little after 7:30 a.m., and officials said a short time later that the lots were full, according to San Diego DUI attorney sources. The beach, however, remains open to pedestrian traffic per San Diego DUI lawyer folks.

San Diego DUI attorneys point out the parking trouble were not isolated to Silver Strand, however. The San Diego police said at about 10:30 am. that all parking lots and spaces around Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and La Jolla were “at/beyond their capacity.” Officials said the problem had resulted in gridlocked traffic around those communities and that they were urging drivers to avoid them and to “use alternate routes and modes of transportation around the beach area.”

The problems were expected to continue through the fireworks displays and not clear until 10 p.m. or later on Friday night, San Diego DUI attorneys said.

San Diego DUI police expect fewer alcohol-related problems around the county as a result of the booze bans, but they are increasing staffing just in case.

The San Diego City Council passed the one-year booze ban at all of San Diego’s beaches in response to a Labor Day riot in Pacific Beach, where police in riot gear were called out according to San Diego Drunk Driving lawyers. This holiday, along with visible uniformed officers, undercover officers will be watching for illegal activity, per San Diego Drunk Driving lawyers.

San Diego Drunk Driving lawyers said San Diego DUI – Drunk Driving officers will conduct San Diego Drunk Driving / DUI saturation patrols in the beach areas and they will also enforce the Click It or Ticket seat belt law.

The city beach rules are as follows:

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in beach and park areas.
San Diego police officers, lifeguards and park rangers will issue citations.
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The fine for a first offense is $250 and repeat offenders could face a fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail.
Glass bottles and glass containers are not allowed at any time.
Smoking is prohibited.
Camping and overnight sleeping are not permitted in the beach or park area.
All areas of the parks and beaches are first come, first served; roping off or barricading an area is not allowed.
Household furniture, like sofas and recliners are not permitted.
Fireworks are illegal unless you have a permit.
No San Diego Drunk Driving or DUI permitted and vigorously enforced.

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