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Killing someone is the worst thing that can happen in connection with a DUI, San Diego criminal defense attorneys explain.  Below is an example of how horrible a San Diego California DUI manslaughter can be for everyone involved, remind lawyers.

One nineteen year old kid who while on Xanax, marijuana and Difluroethane, drove the wrong way in his Land Rover on the 56 after having crossed over the median into the westbound lanes near Black Mountain Road, Rancho Penasquitos, California.

Unfortunately, in doing so, he killed a real nice twenty-two year old California State University San Marcos student, N. Hart who was driving a Scion and had no time to react.

 He has now pled guilty to California DUI DWI manslaughter (gross vehicular while intoxicated) with GBI (Great Bodily Injury)

The young Barnette will sentenced to 6 years California state prison beginning mid-December.

Difluoroethane is often found in cans of computer cleaner and similar products, suggesting he may have been “huffing” before the crash.

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