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San Diego DUI Attorney – Field Sobriety Test query:

San Diego DUI Attorneys spend alot of time attacking the unscientific and unfair administration of San Diego Drunk Driving Field Sobriety Tests, aka Acrobatics aka Gymnastics.

San Diego DUI Lawyers believe the San Diego DUI officers are trained to set up suspects for failure, either through failure to follow instructions or failure to perform according the San Diego DUI officers’ subjective interpretation.

San Diego DUI field sobriety tests are no fun.

Funny field sobriety videos are out there:

1. Steve Martin from the Man with two brains.

2. Cowboy from Reno 911 the first season.

3. Homer Simpson from The Simpsons fourth Season.

4. Barney and Otis from the Andy Griffith Show the first season.

Are there any others out there?

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