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San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys are often asked about roadside acrobatics aka San Diego drunk driving FST’s.
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Divide is growing over these San Diego California gymnastics or roadside DUI tests.
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Standards have police / scientists and San Diego criminal defense lawyers at odds.

Heels together. Toes out. Hands at your sides. Raise the leg of your choice in front of you, 6 inches off the ground, leg straight, toe pointed. Keep your eyes on your raised toe and begin counting aloud from 1,001 until I say stop . . .

Some night on the side of the road, police lights flashing behind you, your freedom may depend on how well you do this. If not well, then your freedom may depend on the quality of your San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Did you sway? Raise your arms for balance? Hop, or put your foot down? If you did any two, an officer will conclude that you may be too drunk to drive.
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Then it is up to your San Diego drunk driving criminal defense attorney to attack that conclusion.

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