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San Diego DUI First Half of 2012 Attorney News Report

California DUI laws got harsher and more complicated in 2012, lawyers maintain.

Beginning 7 months ago, a San Diego DUI probationer with third drunk driving conviction could face a ten year license revocation in court.
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Upon facing that threat, local criminal defense attorneys will need to request findings on these issues.

The installation of an IID (ignition interlock device)can reduce the above period.
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IID’s can be installed for first DUI offenders in San Diego or for driving on a suspended license after a California DUI. An IID can also help a second offender.

A second San Diego DUI probationer can only apply for a restricted after 90 days if that person was not on DUI probation at the time of the second California drunk driving offense, if no drugs were involved, and if the DUI was not a “refusal.” See this article for further information on the subject statute, eligibility and requirements.

California DMV released its new DUI administrative per se hearing officer Manual which has been quoted at length in these series of San Diego drunk driving and DMV defense attorney articles.

Meanwhile, San Diego DUI Conviction Fines have increased, employers do background checks, state boards have cracked down, Canada has eased up, expungements have increased, and DMV has continued its vigorous attempts to suspend driving privileges.

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