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If in case in the future you will be asked to pull over because of a DUI suspicion in San Diego, California, you cannot refuse to take the blood alcohol test if you are asked to do so by the San Diego drunk driving police officer and this is because of the implied consent California DUI law.

Under the California DUI implied consent law, the police officer should warn you about the California DUI consequences of refusing to take the California DUI blood alcohol test. Your driver’s license will be suspended immediately for one year if you refuse to take the California DUI test.

The three San Diego California DUI tests to determine blood alcohol content are blood, urine and breath tests.

You actually do have a choice of which one of these three California DUI tests you will take, although recently, the California DUI aw has been changed to allow the urine test to be discontinued by the San Diego dui police because of the problems associated with it. If one California DUI test is somehow unavailable, that is the only time your ability to choose which test you take can be legally restricted.

You should then take the other California DUI test if that is the California DUI case. The San Diego California DUI police officer is required to tell you of your options. But the decision as to which San Diego California DUI test to take is up to you. San Diego drunk driving laws, San Diego DUI, San Diego DUI advice, San Diego DUI arrest, San Diego DUI lawyer at

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