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Once arrested for Drunk Driving or DUI charges in San Diego, California, a San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Attorney can help.

Call 1-800-THE-LAW-DUI to speak with a San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist.

An experienced San Diego Drunk Driving DUI criminal defense lawyer can prove that the San Diego Drunk Driving – DUI officer’s observations and/or the San Diego DUI chemical (breath or blood) tests are inaccurate or unreliable.

Why hire a San Diego Drunk Driving / DUI criminal defense lawyer?

– Save California driving privileges

– Avoid or Reduce San Diego County DUI fines

– Reduce San Diego DUI charges

– Avoid San Diego DUI Jail or Prison

– Avoid public work service program, trash detail, volunteer work &/or
community service

– Avoid Ignition Interlock Device

– Avoid Vehicle Impound

– Minimize Insurance rate hikes

– Save job

– Other extenuating or mitigating circumstances

How can a premier San Diego Drunk Driving / DUI / DMV defense attorney help?

A. An experienced San Diego Drunk Driving attorney can do many things to challenge and disprove the San Diego DUI evidence against the San Diego DUI accused.

B. The San Diego DUI attorney can represent the driver in San Diego DUI court. The ideal goal should always be to get a dismissed San Diego DUI case, a reduced charge in a plea bargain, or take the San Diego Drunk Driving case to jury trial.

C. The San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney represents the driver at the DMV. In San Diego California, an accused San Diego Drunk Driver faces a potentially significant & lengthy license suspension. Only an understanding of San Diego Drunk Driving / DWI / DUI law, and San Diego DMV administrative laws & procedure, will adequately defend the driver with the San Diego DMV.

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