San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI Lawyers handling DMV hearings deal with something called a “cut & paste” by a San Diego county DUI officer who “cuts & pastes” the required PROBABLE CAUSE (PC) narrative of an unsworn San Diego DUI report into the DMV “DS 367″ form. San Diego DUI / DMV defense attorneys objecting to this oddball way of doing things see a number of San Diego county DUI police agencies utilizing a wide range of reporting options. Based on the specific facts in DMV’s evidentiary documents, San Diego DMV defense lawyer employ complicated objections to try to save one’s license. Absent the right objections and correct rulings, San Diego DMV attorneys will not prevail, much like the lawyer in the case of Siemen v. Valverde at the bottom of this great new San Diego DUI Lawyer Article.

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