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San Diego California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer reporting news:

A new multiple-agency San Diego DUI program is asking drivers with cell phones to be vigilant, look for swerving cars and other tell-tale signs of possible San Diego drunk driving motorists, then to call “911” when they spot a San Diego California drunk driver.

But San Diego DUI Police said they would rather ask people to avoid dialing 911 to report San Diego drunk drivers, and instead use the regular 10 digit number to reach the appropriate San Diego County DUI police dispatcher.
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Carlsbad DUI Police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and other North County DUI agencies have teamed together, asking the public to help alert them to possible San Diego drunk drivers by calling “911” on their cell phones when they see an alleged San Diego DUI driver.

Although San Diego California DUI checkpoints have become commonplace, California DUI law enforcement agencies now want the public’s help to call “911” when they see a suspected San Diego drunk driver, and to report the location, direction, make, model and license plate of the vehicle to authorities.
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But not all authorities want help from the public. The San Diego DUI Police Department said that motorists should steer away from using the “911” system unless it’s a life-threatening emergency: the regular phone line would be better.

Yet Carlsbad’s DUI Police Department still believe the public should use their cell phones if they are following a suspected San Diego drunk driver and call the emergency number, because most people cannot remember multi-police departments’ non-emergency lines.

So San Diego County DUI Police disagree. In agreement is the need for a San Diego DUI defense attorney if you feel you may be a victim of overzealous motorist vigilance.
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